Climate change and human activity are threatening the African forest elephant. Habitat improvises and reacts musically to images and sounds of this endangered and rarely witnessed species in crisis within their natural habitat to create an immersive and captivating live performance. This collaborative live performance features sounds and images of the endangered African forest elephant provided by the Elephant Listening Project (ELP), Cornell University.


Live performance on 29th February 2020 at Platform Arts, Geelong, Australia. Elephant audio and images courtesy of Cornell University's Elephant Listening Project.


Vicki Hallett - Woodwinds and Loops Jeremy Alsop -Bass, strings and laptop Steve Falk - Marimba and percussion.

Jem Savage - sound engineer Video by Marie Pangaud. ©Katy Payne ©Cornell University/Elephant Listening Project

It was a great pleasure to make two new videos in April 2019 with Yamaha Australia. The first is an interview and the second, a performance of my composition A Long Way Home.

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